We have decades of experience within our partnership for a situation you are considering when it comes to the most important strategic transactions of your business life. We have the capability and relationships to work with the most important strategic parties relevant to your situation, regardless of who or where they are. Nearly all of our engagements include buyers and investors based outside the U.S.

This page would normally be where we share our collection of “tombstones” or the logos of buyers and sellers. Our clients value discretion, and so do we. Please contact us so that we can share our direct transaction experience and case studies most relevant to your situation privately.

Sometimes the most learning comes from transactions that don’t close, or when we advise buyers or sellers not to transact. Those advisory assignments aren’t typically reflected in a tombstone on a website or a lucite “deal toy” on someone’s desk, but the experience we have gained from those engagements are often the most valuable. We have seen others make mistakes so that you don’t have to. Allow us to share the value of our experience for the benefit of you and your shareholders, partners, employees, and community stakeholders.

Never go alone.