Industry Updates

Why NETA Electrical Contractors Command a Premium

In this piece, we discuss the increasing demand for NETA contractors, highlight primary value drivers, and review the current status of the M&A market.

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Transportation & Logistics Industry Update

Industria Partners LLC is pleased to announce the sale of R&A Trucking Company (“R&A”) to RoadOne IntermodaLogistics, a national intermodal, transload, and logistics company with financial backing from their equity partner at Nonantum Capital Partners.

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M&A Transaction Update: Specialty Distribution

Industria has been active advising companies in distribution, transportation, and logistics since we started the firm six years ago. Here’s a quick update on a recent M&A transaction with more to come in 2022.

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Private Investment in Water Assets

As the most consumed resource on the planet, water is the backbone of the United States and global economy.

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Capital Planning for Recovery

Entrepreneurs, CFOs, and business leaders may be surprised to hear that the U.S. is awash in capital.

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Outsourced Utility Services

A combination of unique secular trends is providing stability and controlled growth in a time of uncertainty.

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Deeper Insights

The Logistics of Transacting in Logistics

Not all logistics companies are equal. In this piece, we explore the qualities that deliver value to business owners in a sale.

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Expanding into Renewables

In this piece, we highlight how traditional infrastructure service providers are pursuing end market expansion into renewable energy services, and discuss the lasting implications for middle market companies.

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Supply Chains and Shortages

In this piece, we review market dynamics seen in the last 18 months, how global supply chains have been pushed to the brink, and the implications for business and the M&A markets.

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Communications & Utility Services

Abundant Work, Eager Buyers, and Massive Opportunity

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The #1 Reason M&A Transactions Fail

If the transaction doesn’t close, it is likely due to one reason.

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Three Things Not to Tell Your Banker (From a Former Bank CEO)

Oilfield spending is likely to fall in 2020. Are you prepared?

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Decarbonization Weekly

Decarb Weekly 3/30/23

Industria Partners – Decarb Weekly 3/30/23 – Energy Transition Updates 

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Decarb Weekly 3/23/23

Industria Partners – Decarb Weekly 3/23/23 – Energy Transition Updates 

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Decarb Weekly 3/16/23

Industria Partners – Decarb Weekly 3/16/23 – Energy Transition Updates 

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Decarb Weekly 3/9/23

Industria Partners – Decarb Weekly 3/9/23 – Energy Transition Updates 

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Decarb Weekly 3/2/23

Industria Partners – Decarb Weekly 3/2/23 – Energy Transition Updates 

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Decarb Weekly 2/23/23

Industria Partners – Decarb Weekly 2/23/23 – Energy Transition Updates 

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