Deeper Insights

Should You be Concentrating on Concentration risk?

For M&A transactions, customer and vendor concentration can be a challenging hurdle to overcome and may negatively impact valuation.

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Going Down? Interest Rates and M&A Valuations

The impact of economic cycles on the M&A market and how economic uncertainty and interest rates affect valuation.

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Supply Chains and Shortages

We review how global supply chains have been pushed to the brink, and the implications for business and the M&A markets.

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Capital Planning for Recovery

Entrepreneurs, CFOs, and business leaders may be surprised to hear that the U.S. is awash in capital.

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Disruption and the Need for Action

Uncertainty has once again destroyed equilibrium in the markets, business operations and the economy.

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The #1 Reason M&A Transactions Fail

If the transaction doesn’t close, it is likely due to one reason.

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