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Decarb Weekly 12/7/23

Decarb Weekly, by Industria Partners, is a collection of articles focusing on trends and transactions in industrial decarbonization and climate tech. 

Chart of the Week: 

Solar sales are down between 77% and 85% since last year – Canary Media

Recent Market News:

  • Giant batteries that ensure stable power supply by offsetting intermittent renewable supplies are becoming cheap enough to make developers abandon scores of projects for gas-fired generation world-wide. In the first half of the year, 68 gas power plant projects were put on hold or cancelled globally. – Reuters
  • Canada imposed an emissions cap on the oil and gas industry, which accounts for about 28% of the country’s total emissions, as a key part of their plan to reach net zero by 2050. – WSJ


  • 11/29/23: A new private equity firm, Kinterra, raised over half a billion dollars to invest in projects and companies that produce, refine or process lithium, cobalt, nickel, and other metals that go into lithium-ion batteries used to power electric vehicles. – Pitchbook
  • 12/4/23: AM Batteries, a pioneer in the field of lithium-ion dry-electrode technologies, announced earlier this week that it closed a $30mm Series B. AM Batteries focuses on higher throughput dry-electrode manufacturing for lithium-ion batteries. – AM Batteries
  • 12/7/23: Congruent Ventures raised $275mm for its third flagship fund to back early-stage developers of technologies that help reduce carbon emissions. – Axios

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