Decarbonization Weekly

Decarb Weekly 2/29/24

Decarb Weekly, by Industria Partners, is a collection of articles focusing on trends and transactions in industrial decarbonization and climate tech. 

Chart of the Week: 

U.S. planned utility-scale electric-generating capacity additions (2024) – EIA

Recent Market News:

  • Walmart’s goal of removing 1 billion metric tons of emissions from its supply chain was achieved this week. Walmart’s plan to achieve this, which included energy efficiency, packaging redesign, food-waste reduction, and trucking-load optimization, hit its targets six years earlier than expected. – WSJ
  • California and Quebec’s joint cap-and-trade program saw a record-high settlement price for greenhouse gas emission allowances at $41.76/mt. This settlement price is a 50% increase year-on-year. – S&P Global


  • 2/26/24: Fervo Energy, an enhanced geothermal startup, raised $221 million in funding following its successful completion of its grid-connected geothermal power plant in Nevada. – Tech Crunch

In-depth Read:
Solar and battery storage to make up 81% of new U.S. electric generating capacity in 2024 – EIA

Visualizing our Changing Climate with Probable Futures – Climate Rising | Harvard Business School

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