Decarbonization Weekly

Decarb Weekly 6/6/24

Decarb Weekly, by Industria Partners, is a collection of articles focusing on trends and transactions in industrial decarbonization and climate tech. 

Chart of the Week: 

Annual venture funding for climate and emissions technology – WSJ

Recent Market News:

  • Global investment in solar PV now surpasses all other generation technologies combined. However, the IEA reports that significant work is needed to get the world on track for climate goals. – IEA
  • Climate tech startups that raised massive funding during the 2020 and 2021 fund raising peak are facing a reckoning. – WSJ 


  • 6/5/24: SiTration, a startup using advanced filters to treat critical mineral wastewater and harvest more minerals in the process, has raised $11.8 million in seed funding. – TechCrunch
  • 6/5/24: Rockwood Equity Partners has successfully completed an investment in Energy Renewal Partners, a consulting firm based in Austin that specializes in energy development and decommissioning projects throughout the United States. – Rockwood Equity

Long Read:
FERC Reshapes the Transmission Planning Landscape – Crowell

Are We Doing Decarbonization Totally the Wrong Way? – Bloomberg Odd Lots

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