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Decarb Weekly 3/30/23

Decarb Weekly, by Industria Partners, is a collection of articles focusing on trends and transactions in industrial decarbonization and climate tech. 

Chart of the Week: 

Global renewable power capacity growth – Canary Media

Recent Market News: 

  • The DOE and the National Alliance for Water Innovation (NAWI) announced the selection of 12 projects that will drive decarbonization of the water and wastewater sectors through innovative technologies to treat, use, and recycle water to bolster a circular economy. –
  • CarbonBuilt, Aircapture, and Block-Lite have teamed up to retrofit one of Block-Lite’s concrete production facilities in Flagstaff, Arizona to produce 30,000 metric tons of concrete while removing ~500 tons of atmospheric CO2 annually. The initiative is expected to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from concrete production by 70 percent. – Canary Media


  • 3/28/23: Wisconsin-based Fusion startup Type One Energy raises $29 million seed round to fast-track its reactor designs. Type One uses an old concept, known as stellerator, that breaks from the traditional donut shaped reactor. – TechCrunch
  • 3/22/23: Amogy, a Brooklyn headquartered startup focused on decarbonizing the shipping industry through ammonia-powered vessels, raised $139 million. – Canary Media

In-Depth Read:
2022 Moving Forward Report – National Institute of Building Sciences 
BMW’s Decarbonization Strategy: Sustainable for the Environment and the Bottom Line – Harvard Business Review

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