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Decarb Weekly 4/27/23

Decarb Weekly, by Industria Partners, is a collection of articles focusing on trends and transactions in industrial decarbonization and climate tech. 

Chart of the Week: 

Power sector transition to net zero by 2040 – IEA World Energy Outlook

Recent Market News:

  • The EPA is planning a series of new rules to limit the emissions both new and existing coal and natural gas-fired plants can emit, driving operators toward carbon-capture. – WSJ
  • The U.S. is resuming contributions to the Green Climate Fund (GFC) with a replenishment pledge of $1 billion. – Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Union Square and Tiger Global are among the roughly two-dozen VC firms forming the Venture Climate Alliance (VCA) in an effort to invest in climate solutions and decarbonization of existing portfolios. – TechCrunch


  • 4/25/23: CarbonChain, an AI-driven carbon accounting company, raises a $10 million series A ahead of the SEC’s looming carbon reporting rules. – TechCrunch
  • 4/24/23: Span, a San Fransico based smart-electric-panel startup, raises $96 million. – Canary Media
  • 4/24/23: WooDoo, a startup focused on low-carbon, high performance construction materials, raises $31 million. – TechCrunch
  • 4/20/23: Ebb Carbon, an ocean-based carbon dioxide removal company, raises a $20 million Series A to develop and deploy its technology. – BusinessWire

In-Depth Read:
Delivering impact from U.S. green bank financing – McKinsey Sustainability
Black Mass: battery recycling to play a critical role in EVs globally – Platts Future Energy – S&P Global

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