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Industria Update – Industrial Minerals

“Through their many years of expertise and knowledge of the industrial minerals sector, Industria Partners helped us navigate the challenges of a strategic acquisition that required outside capital. Their insights and advice proved crucial for all aspects of this complex carve-out transaction, from building the financial case, helping us select the best capital partners that matched our culture and preserved continuity of a family majority, and assisting in our diligence and negotiations with the seller. We were fortunate to have been introduced to Industria Partners and we could not have picked a better partner.” – David Brown, CEO, Wyo-Ben

Since our founding in 2016, Industria has remained active across the industrial minerals sector. Please feel free to contact Chris Haymons or Julia O’Loughlin on the Industria team. We welcome the opportunity to discuss market insights gained from this process.

Industria Partners provides focused strategic advisory services to industrial minerals companies at every point across the business cycle. Through industry connectivity, transaction experience, and expert execution, Industria delivers superior outcomes to our clients.

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