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NETA & Other High-Value Electrical Services – Market Overview

We originally published this article in March 2022 with the title NETA: The Gold Standard of Electrical Testing. Since then, Industria has continued engagement with the NETA market and, more broadly, the high-value electrical services industry, including attending the NETA conference PowerTest in Dallas, TX earlier this year. We’ve updated this article based on conversations with acquirers, investors, and management teams, and widened the scope to include insights into other high-value electrical services that are increasingly becoming acquisition targets for NETA platforms.

M&A Update: Various private equity backed platforms are deploying capital to grow through the acquisition of both NETA certified and other complementary high-value electrical services companies. By compiling a database of valuation data for over 40 transactions in the space, Industria’s observed that NETA platform acquisitions are trading at premium multiples while add-ons are receiving lower, yet healthy valuations. 

Value Drivers: This article examines the characteristics of NETA businesses and other high-value electrical services companies that help drive value for owners seeking an exit, which include scale, end market exposure, and human capital. 

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